Keynote Speaker: Dr Anne Goddeeris

We are delighted to announce that Dr Anne Goddeeris of Ghent University will be joining us this year as our second keynote speaker! Over the past five years, OPCA has grown alongside all our wonderful colleagues around the world who have joined us year after year, demonstrating the passion and commitment to the study of the Ancient Near East among the young generations. We wanted to build on this support and our previous success to reflect the breath of topics and geographies that are usually covered at the conference. We believe that the invited talks this year will touch upon a range of themes and topics that will appeal to everyone in the audience, and we look forward to welcome you all in Oxford next April!

Anne Goddeeris is teaching Assyriology and History of the Ancient Near East at the University of Ghent. Since January 2017, she also works on a research project together with Katrien De Graef “Priests and Profits 2.0”. This project investigates organisational aspects of the Old Babylonian cult. In 2016, she finalized the Old Babylonian legal and administrative tablets in the Hilprecht Sammlung, Jena, which appeared as Texte und Materialien der Frau Professor Hilprecht Collection 10.

Her talk at OPCA will touch upon Old Babylonian bookkeeping procedures, on the sealing practices and other formal characteristics of the tablets on which the information was recorded. These aspects are not random at all, but are determined by customs which differ from city to city, and they provide extra, contextual information about transactions recorded on these tablets. 

It has been through the effort of our organising committee and the generous support of The British Institute for the Study of Iraq, who have awarded OPCA a Conference Grant, that we are now in a position to extend a second invitation to a senior researcher and increase our funding for overseas speakers. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to this organisation and raise awareness about their invaluable work in promoting arts, humanities and social sciences research and education on Iraq.