About Us

Our Aims and History

The Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology aims to provide a venue for postgraduate and early career researchers in Assyriology and related fields to come together, share original research, and forge connections. It is the only forum of this kind in Europe, and we believe it plays an invaluable role in strengthening the health of the discipline, as OPCA participants become the next generation of Assyriologists.

The first Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology was held in 2012 at Wolfson College, Oxford. It was started by Dr Nicholas Reid and Dr Moudhy Al-Rashid, then both Oxford DPhils in Assyriology who had noted the absence of any forum for postgraduate researchers in the field of Assyriology to present their ideas. In 2020, we will hold the 9th Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Assyriology at Wolfson College, on the 17th-18th April.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank OPCA’s sponsors, the Lorne Thyssen Research Fund for Ancient Topics at Wolfson, The Wolfson Academic Committee, The British Institute for the Study of Iraq and the London Centre for the Ancient Near East. Without their continued support over the years, this conference would not be possible.

Who we are

The current OPCA organising committee are:

William Skelton (Wolfson College, University of Oxford)

Christie Carr (Wolfson College, University of Oxford)

Joseph Barber (Wolfson College, University of Oxford)

Eleanor Home (Wolfson College, University of Oxford

Past OPCA organisers

Christie Carr 2019-2020
Lynn Salambo-Zimmerman 2017-2019
Jill Marcum 2017-2019
Mónica Palmero Fernández — 2016-2018
Adam Howe — 2016-2018
George Heath-Whyte — 2017-2018
Parsa Daneshmand — 2016-2017
Eva Miller — 2014-2016
Laura Hawkins — 2014-2016
Kathryn Kelley — 2014-2015
Karenleigh Overmann — 2015
Moudhy Al-Rashid — 2012-2013
Nicholas Reid — 2012-2013
Selena Wisnom — 2012-2013