Attempting to profile Kassite period officials

Lynn-Salammbô Zimmermann – Oxford University

In this talk I will explore the possibilities of profiling the Kassite period officials attested in the Kassite period letters. More than 12000 Kassite period texts were found in Nippur, including ca. 700 letters. The personal names which appear in the Kassite period letters are also partially attested in the administrative documents from Nippur.

While administrative documents and seals occasionally inform us about the filiation and the occupation of certain individuals, most Kassite period letters lack any prosopographical information about the sender, recipient and third parties.

I will evaluate whether and how the information in administrative documents other than letters (and other text artefacts) may help us to improve our knowledge about Kassite period officials. I will also address the issues, which arise when linking various types of textual sources in order to profile certain officials, and I will present a few examples to show the difficulties which we face when attempting to do so.