The Old Babylonian letters ana bēliya from Ṣilli-Šamaš

Izabela Nowak – Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan

The Old Babylonian letters ana bēlyia (to my lord) are concerning many interesting and important matters, such as legalor society issues, as well as agricultural matter. Among one hundred and four known letters written to bēlumwe can find seventeen textssent to the lord by a man name Ṣilli-Šamaš.The aim of this paper is todiscuss agriculturalissues present in the lettersfrom Ṣilli-Šamaš. Based on informationfromthose texts one can say,that letters sender was some kind of official responsible for managing fieldsand people. Letters are full ofvaluable details for examplegeographical names such as Širimtum city or Hiššar field. Massages also include quantities of cultivated or harvestedbarley from specific fields, which have a great value for the Old Babylonian agricultural studies.Thanks to chronological details present in two letters it is possible to determine when Ṣilli-Šamašlivedand also who could have been his bēlum-texts addressee. Also the lack of greetings formulas in all massages can be an indication of the lord personality. In order to get a better look atthe sender’s role as well as the agricultural issuesdescribed in the Old Babylonian letters ana bēlyia from Ṣillli-Šamaš, massages will be compare with other agricultural texts.